Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the International Federation of Head and Neck Oncologic Societies it is our privilege to invite you to attend the 6th World Congress of the IFHNOS in Buenos Aires from September 1-4, 2018.

The goal of this international conference is to foster multidisciplinary exchange of information and ideas among all professionals involved and interested in the management of patients with head and neck cancer. We are soliciting scientific contributions from physicians, surgeons, residents, fellows, research scientists and specialists from all allied fields including speech pathologists and nurses.

The conference will offer keynote addresses, panels, video sessions, proffered papers, posters, instruction courses, and sessions to meet with the professors, giving ample opportunity for individual interaction with world leaders in the field of head and neck oncology.

All authors who wish to present papers for the 2018 IFHNOS 6th World Congress must submit their abstracts online via the 6th World Congress Abstracts Submission website. The program committee will be responsible for selecting submissions to be presented as either oral or poster presentations.
We look forward to welcoming you to Buenos Aires for an exciting few days of academic activities and social interactions with colleagues from around the world.


Marcelo Figari, MD
Congress Chairman
Snehal Patel, MD; Juan Jose Larrañaga, MD; Giuseppe Spriano, MD
Program Chairmen


Authors will be able to submit their abstract for consideration
as oral presentation or e-poster in the following categories

Clinical – Larynx/Hypopharynx
♦ Clinical – Clinical Trials
♦ Clinical – Oral Cavity
♦ Clinical – Oropharynx
♦ Clinical – Salivary Glands
♦ Clinical – Parathyroid
♦ Clinical – Radiation/Medical Oncology
♦ Clinical – Dental Rehabilitation
& Maxillofacial Prosthetics
♦ Clinical – Nasopharynx
♦ Clinical – Novel Technology
♦ Clinical – Skull Base/Sinonasal
♦ Clinical – Speech & Swallowing
♦ Clinical – Head & Neck Surgical Technique
♦ Clinical – Organ Preservation Surgery
♦ Clinical – Prevention/Pre-malignant Lesions/
♦ Clinical – Neck Metastases
♦ Clinical – Reconstructive Surgery
♦ Clinical – Skin Cancer
♦ Clinical – Thyroid
♦ Clinical – Radiographic Imaging
♦ Clinical – Treatment Outcomes
♦ Clinical – Soft tissue/Bone/
Odontogenic Tumors
♦ Science – Epidemiology
♦ Science – Health Services and
♦ Outcomes Research
♦ Science – Molecular Markers
♦ Science – Experimental Therapeutics
♦ Science – Molecular / Cellular
♦ Biology Mechanisms
♦ Science – Immunology
♦ Science – Quality Improvement, Value
♦ of Care and Safety
♦ Miscellaneous


♦ Abstracts should contain new material that has not have been previously presented or published.
♦ Abstracts must be organized into four sections: 1. Aims/Objectives; 2. Materials/Methods; 3. Results; 4. Conclusion.
♦ Author and Institution names should not be included in the title or body of the abstract in order to maintain anonymity
♦ and objectivity in the review process.
♦ Abstracts should not contain illustrations, images or graphs but a single table is permitted within the constraints of the character limit.
♦ The maximum character limit, including the abstract title and body, is 2,500 excluding spaces.
♦ A maximum of 10 author names are allowed for each abstract.

IFHNOS sponsored awards

All authors are invited to compete for the following IFHNOS sponsored awards:
♦ Best Paper Award – Clinical in the amount of $500 US for the best clinical paper submitted to the meeting
♦ Best Paper Award – Research in the amount of $500 US for the best research paper submitted to the meeting
♦ Best Poster Award – Clinical in the amount of $500 US for the best clinical poster submitted to the meeting
♦ Best Poster Award – Research in the amount of $500 US for the best research poster submitted to the meeting

Authors who intend to compete for an award must notify IFHNOS of their intent to be considered by checking off
the box at the time of online abstract submission.