Thyroid cancer
Tumors of the upper aerodigestive tract
Molecular medicine
Salivary gland cancer
Skin cancer and melanoma
Cranial base tumors
Genetics and virology applied to H&N cancer
Parapharyngeal tumors
Advanced reconstructive techniques
Novel radiotherapy approaches
Robotics in head and neck surgery
Oral cavity oncology
Bioethics, QOL, palliative care
Chemotherapy, monoclonal antibodies
 and targeted therapies in H&N cancer

Planned Activities

⇒ Opening and Closing Ceremonies
⇒ 6 Keynote lectures
⇒ 1 Guest of Honor Address
⇒ 24 Instructional Courses
⇒ 18 Panels
⇒ 5 Regional Panels
⇒ 12 Proffered Papers sessions
⇒ 12 Masters of H&N Surgery sessions
⇒ 12 e-Poster sessions
⇒ 4 Meet the Professors sessions
⇒ 10 Tumor Boards
⇒ 3 Luncheon Symposia (Industry supported)
⇒ 1 Congress Welcome Reception
⇒ 1 Congress Gala dinner
1 President’s Dinner
IFHNOS Administrative Meetings
IFHNOS Global Fellowship Program Examination
⇒ Anual Meeting of the Argentinean Association of H&N Surgery