Masters of Surgery sessions

90 minutes sessions

Session No. Title Moderator
MS1. Monday 3rd, 3.00 pm, Microcine Surgery for Thyroid Cancer Ashok Shaha
MS2. Tuesday 4th, 4.00 pm, Microcine Minimally Invasive Surgery for Oropharynx Cancer Se-Heon Kim
MS3. Sunday 2nd, 4.30 pm, Microcine Surgery for Salivary Gland Tumors Randal Weber
MS4. Sunday 2nd, 1.30 pm, Microcine Technique of Neck Dissection Jatin Shah
MS5. Monday 3rd, 10.30 am, Microcine Soft tissue reconstructive techniques in HN Surgery Neal Futran
MS6. Tuesday 4th, 10.30 am, Microcine Bone reconstruction Andreas Dietz

60 minutes sessions

Session No. Title Moderator
MS7. Sunday 2nd, 8.00 am, Auditorio 1 Transoral endoscopic laser surgery for larynx cancer Giuseppe Spriano
MS8. Monday 3rd, 8.00 am, Aula Magna Sentinel Lymph Node Mapping Sandro Stoeckli
MS9. Tuesday 4th, 8.00 am, Auditorio 1 Endoscopic approaches for the management of paranasal sinus tumors Piero Nicolai
MS10. Monday 3rd, 8.00 am, Auditorio 1 Technique of Parathyroid Surgery Ashok Shaha
MS11. Tuesday 4th, 8.00 am, Aula Magna Total laryngectomy and voice rehabilitation Patrick Gullane
MS12. Sunday 2nd, 8.00 am, Aula Magna Facial reanimation John Yoo