Confirmed Masters of Surgery sessions

90 minutes sessions

Session No. Title Moderator
MS1. Monday 3rd, 3.00 pm, MR 4 Surgery for Thyroid Cancer Ashok Shaha
MS2. Tuesday 4th, 4.00 pm, MR 4 Minimally Invasive Surgery for Oropharynx Cancer Se-Heon Kim
MS3. Sunday 2nd, 4.30 pm, MR 4 Surgery for Salivary Gland Tumors Randal Weber
MS4. Sunday 2nd, 1.30 pm, MR 4 Technique of Neck Dissection Jatin Shah
MS5. Monday 3rd, 10.30 am, MR 4 Soft tissue reconstructive techniques in HN Surgery Neal Futran
MS6. Tuesday 4th, 10.30 am, MR 4 Bone reconstruction Andreas Dietz

60 minutes sessions

Session No. Title Moderator
MS7. Sunday 2nd, 8.00 am, MR 2 Transoral endoscopic laser surgery for larynx cancer TBD
MS8. Monday 3rd, 8.00 am, MR 3 SLN Mapping Sandro Stoeckli
MS9. Tuesday 4th, 8.00 am, MR 2 Endoscopic approaches for management of paranasal sinus tumors Piero Nicolai
MS10. Monday 3rd, 8.00 am, MR 2 Technique of Parathyroid Surgery Ashok Shaha
MS11. Tuesday 4th, 8.00 am, MR 3 Total laryngectomy and voice rehabilitation Patrick Gullane
MS12. Sunday 2nd, 8.00 am, MR 3 Facial reanimation John Yoo