Confirmed Panels

Panel No. Title Moderator
P1. Management of Early Stage Differentiated Thyroid Cancer Michael Tuttle
P2. Management of Locally Advanced Differentiated Thyroid Cancer Ashok Shaha
P3. Management of HPV + Oropharynx Cancer Brian O’Sullivan
P4. Management of Oral Cancer Jeffrey Myers
P5. Updates in Molecular Biology of Head and Neck Cancer Joseph Califano
P6. Management of Early Stage Larynx Cancer TBD
P7. Management of Locally Advanced Larynx Cancer Luis Kowalski
P8. New technology for HN cancer management Snehal Patel
P9. What’s New in the 8thEdition AJCC/UICC Staging System William Lydiatt
P10. Management of Malignant Melanoma Bevan Yueh
P11. Management of PNS/Skull Base Tumors Ehab Hanna
P12. Management of Parapharyngeal Space Tumors Claudio Cernea
P13. Surgical Salvage for Recurrent H&N Cancer Satiesh Parmar
P14. Update on Clinical Trials for H&N Cancer Ariene Forastiere
P15. State of the art in reconstruction Neal Futran
P16. Future prospects in CMF reconstruction – AOCMF Panel Gregorio Sanchez Aniceto
P17. Reconstruction of the Multiple Subunit Defect – AAOMS Panel Rui Fernandes
P18. IAOO Panel Ralph Gilbert
Regional Panel 1 North American Panel Ehab Hanna
Regional Panel 2 Ibero – Latin American Panel Luis Bassagaisteguy – José Luis Cebrián
Regional Panel 3 European Panel:“HPV in Headand Neck Cancer – European Perspectives” Wojciech Golusinski
Regional Panel 4 Asia Pacific Panel Pankaj Chaturvedi
Regional Panel 5 Middle East & North Africa Panel Dan Fliss
Short Panel 1 Management of Osteoradionecrosis – AOCMF Panel José Luis Cebrián
Short Panel 2 Management of Locally advanced unresectable H&N Cancer Jatin Shah
Short Panel 3 IFOS Panel René Leemans
Short Panel 4 Robotic approaches in H&N Surgery Luiz Kowalski